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Success Stories

Brittany Brader

Brittany Brander

Content Strategist

Just from the first couple exercises and lectures, I knew I was going to learn so much that I could translate not only into actionable education, but marketable education. This course is giving me the ability to improve my ability to understand and create content strategy, and convince potential clients why content is important.

It’s very important to me as I steer my business into a content agency (as opposed to a social media marketing agency) to understand how content fits into overall business objectives and having the expertise, knowledge and confidence to explain its importance to my clients. There aren’t many people who do what I do, or even what course creator Julia McCoy does, in Alberta, so I truly believe that this course will not only help me improve my skill as a content strategist, but position me as one of the few content marketing pioneers in Calgary.
Mariana Norton

Mariana Norton

Writer/Owner, Your Web Content Writer

You get what you pay for, and the Practical Content Strategy Certification Course is worth every penny. Julia McCoy is the course creator, and the main reason I invested in it. If you follow content marketing, Julia’s name pops up all over the place. Her writing is always thorough, engaging and useful. That shouldn’t be a surprise since she wrote the bestselling book So You Think You Can Write?

I love Twitter and Julia is there too. Both she and her company Express Writers have a solid presence. Participating in Julia’s #ContentWritingChat is a weekly exchange I try not to miss.

When I received the email promoting this new program, I hesitated.

I worried that it wouldn’t live up to the level of content, care, and connection I’ve come to expect from Julia.

I took the chance, kissed the money goodbye and dove headlong into the course.

I was not disappointed. Even with my high expectations, the Practical Content Strategy Certification Course delivered.

This program doesn’t just skim the surface, it’s a deep dive into content strategy.

The Practical Content Strategy Certification Course not only provides you with all the pieces of a content strategy, but it also gives you the tools and instructions to put it all together.
The workbook is full of exercises that help solidify the lessons along the way. For example, with Content Audience Personas, I learned how to research and create one. Well, with a little help from Julia in the exclusive Facebook Group.

Right from my first inquiry before signing up, I could tell that this program is Julia’s baby. There is clearly a lot of love, sweat and I don’t doubt some tears that went into creating it.
She cares about this course, and as her student, she cared about me. She helped me find a solution for creating that persona when I struggled to get strong customer data. Now I know how to mine Facebook Insights for valuable audience metrics.

I’m notorious for asking questions. Lots and lots of questions. I recently asked my daughter’s riding instructor how his week was while we were away, and he said “Quiet.”

Julia herself answered all my questions. She was generous with her knowledge and helpful. She remained engaged until my question or problem was resolved.

As a content writer and strategist (not affiliated with Express Writers), this program will increase my profits. I’m very excited to apply what I’ve learned from Julia to create high ROI content and up my content strategy game.

Since the program comes with lifetime access, I’ll be in the Facebook Group. Make sure to say “Hi” after you sign up. I’ll be the one asking all the questions.

Lawrence Ledesma

Lawrence Ledesma

Content Communications Specialist

I was looking for a resource on online writing when I stumbled upon Julia’s e-book on Amazon called ‘So You Think You Can Write.’ After being a content person in traditional media professional for over 20 years, I wanted to transition into the digital realm and explore new career opportunities. After reading Julia’s profile and success story, I decided to connect with her and eventually enrolled in her Practical Content Strategy Certification Course.

That was the best decision I made.

Julia guides you ‘from the ground up’ on how to take your writing skills into the exciting but challenging world of content marketing. She gives you practical tips, tools and methods on how to optimize your content (or your client’s content) and make it more relevant to search engines. Recently, I was fortunate enough to have gotten a freelance writing job in a Singapore digital marketing agency. I know that the tools and skills that I will learn in this course will definitely be a big help to me here as well as in my future endeavors in the field of content marketing.


Tim Henshall

Founder, Pinnacle Graphic Communications

The course info is intuitive, easy to understand and simplifying a lot of the mystery behind Content Strategy. The way you communicate the video presentations are enlightening and motivating. The material is very dynamic to 2017 and helping to enhance my skills with the promise of potentially offering this type of expertise as a value to my print customers. Julia, thanks for producing such a quality course.