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Practical Content Strategy & Marketing Book

Julia McCoy's New Book: Practical Content Strategy & Marketing

The Content Strategy Certification Course Student Guidebook

Practical Content Strategy and Marketing Book Cover

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Julia McCoy’s latest book, Practical Content Strategy & Marketing: The Content Strategy Certification Course Student Guidebook, is a 350+ page accompaniment to her online course. The written scripts of each lesson have been compiled in this book to form a comprehensive industry guide. You’ll find easy-to-understand illustrations, concepts, and examples on every page. Top takeaways from guest experts Michele Linn, Sujan Patel, Steve Rayson and more (appearing on video in the course) are also included in the book’s chapters. Top business marketer Mark Schaefer joins Julia to write the foreword.


This is a don’t-miss guide for every serious content marketer, and a perfect book to physically accompany the all-access pass of Julia’s new course. Sign up to get notified when it comes out! (Bonus: Students that sign up to the all-access pass before November 30 are eligible for a FREE signed copy.)