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Module 5: Content Creation Tactics

julia mccoy

Primary Instructor

Julia McCoy: Instructor, Course Creator
Content Marketing Expert, CEO at Express Writers, Author

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Julia is the primary instructor for this module.

steve rayson

Guest Expert Instructor

Steve Rayson: Co-Founder of BuzzSumo

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Guest Presenting Lesson 19: An Intro to Great Headline and Topic Discovery

Module 5: Content Creation Tactics

In this class, you’ll learn everything from A to Z in how to create the types of online content, from planning and the stages of creation to finalizing your headline and introduction.

Never guess again when it comes to a content topic data-matched to you or your client’s brand!

Instructor Julia McCoy demos, step-by-step, how she pulls topics for guest blogging and on-site content.

Learn how to use leading content marketing tools to research your topics, and how to uncover amazing content topic opportunities from hidden corners across the web using new data intelligence tools.


You’ll learn how to immediately find topic areas that do better than others in your industry – inside minutes.

hawkeye 2

Then, dive into creating and optimizing content in the rest of this training module.

You’ll learn about online content as a whole, down to the anatomy of content formats, how to create “10x style” content, and how to integrate list-building and CTAs into your content creation. Next, you’ll learn all the strategies of how to create headlines and hooks optimized for maximum clicks and shares.

Bonus lessons include an exact, step-by-step process of how instructor Julia McCoy approached and was accepted on a top guest blogging industry publication. Guest expert instructor Steve Rayson, co-founder of BuzzSumo, also joins Julia McCoy in this class to teach practical, data-based topic discovery tactics for the content creation process.

Module 5 Curriculum: 20 Lessons (Estimated 7 Hours)

  1. Simplifying the Content Ideation and Creation Process
  2. Live Demo of Pulling Strong Brand Awareness Topics from a Web Crawl
  3. How to Find Hot Topics Using BuzzSumo
  4. NEW December 2017: Unicorn Content Topic Discovery in Hawkeye
  5. Buyer-Focused Content: A Look at Creating Content for the Stages of Your Funnel (Exercise)
  6. Buyer-Focused Content: Customer Topic Discovery for the Stages of Your Funnel (Demo)
  7. Best of Both Worlds: SEO Content That Achieves Sales Awareness Content Goals
  8. SEO Optimization Checklist: 8 Steps to Help You Accurately Optimize Your Content
  9. Creating SEO Content That Ranks: The 2 Super Simple Steps & Why They’re Always Missed
  10. Anatomy of a High-ROI, Optimized Blog Post
  11. Anatomy of a High-ROI Optimized Landing Page
  12. Repurposing Core Format into Other Formats
  13. The Art (and Habit) of Comprehensive “10x Content” [5-Step Checklist]
  14. CTAs: The Importance of List Building With Your Content
  15. Guest Blogging Tutorial: How to Approach & Get On The Publications You Want
  16. Guest Blogging Tutorial: How to Pitch Irresistible Topic Ideas (BuzzSumo Demo)
  17. Optimize Your Headline and Your Hook: Key Content Cores for Conversion
  18. Brand Strategy Exercise: Formulate High-ROI Content Topics & Hooks
  19. Guest Speaker Steve Rayson Presents: An Intro to Great Topic Discovery
  20. Bonus: An Inside Look at How I Successfully Approached HuffingtonPost