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Module 4: Build Your Content House

julia mccoy

Primary Instructor

Julia McCoy: Instructor, Course Creator
Content Marketing Expert, CEO at Express Writers, Author

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Julia is the primary instructor for this module.

michele linn

Guest Expert Instructor

Michele Linn: VP of Content at CMI

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Guest Presenting Lesson 11: You Need a Blog: Ground Rules of Creating a Tangible Blogging Plan

Module 4: Build Your Content House

In this module, learn how to get a head start in building online authority by consistently crafting high-performing content on your own site.

Learn how to do less of “everything,” and more of the right content efforts.

At the end of this class, you’ll know how to create and maintain core content that nets leads and authority over time on your own real estate, and the core commitments that guarantee a return on content investment, every time. You’ll have a clear game plan to put into place for executing online content that works. Plus, you’ll get the lowdown on how to identify and find the perfect guest blogging opportunities, then approach guest platforms successfully and get a “YES” from the editors. Guest blogging on relevant, high-authority sites has personally 10x’ed my own income for my content agency, and it can do the same for you, too.

You’ll also know how to discover the right social media platforms for brands to be on, mapped to the exact audience type you want to reach, and your online goals.

Guest expert Michele Linn, VP of Content at Content Marketing Institute, joins Julia in this class to teach about the ground rules of creating an ROI-focused blogging strategy.

Module 4 Curriculum: 14 Lessons (Estimated 6 Hours)

  1. Building Your “House” Online: How & Where to Have Content Focus For Better Results
  2. How to Win Every Time With A Core Content Commitment Approach
  3. Defining the 3 Commitments to Core Content Creation
  4. Core Focus Circle: Identifying the Key Integral Commitment & Who to Trust for Production
  5. Proving the Commitment With Case Studies: I. How Unbounce Built Authority Through Blogging
  6. Proving the Commitment With Case Studies: II. What Happened When We Doubled Our Budget
  7. Site Structure: A Map of a Strong Content House
  8. What is Cornerstone Content & Why Does it Matter?
  9. A Nutshell Guide on Internal Linking In Your Content & How to Judge Link Quality with Alexa
  10. The ROI of Blogging (Aka, 2 Key Reasons Why You Should Have Started Blogging Yesterday)
  11. Guest Speaker Michele Linn Presents: You Need a Blog (Ground Rules of a Blogging Plan)
  12. Brand Strategy: Building Roads to Your House With Guest Blogging Discovery (Exercise)
  13. Brand Strategy: Building Roads to Your House With Outside Channels: Social Media (Exercise)
  14. Building Roads to Your House With Outside Channels: Guest Solo Appearances