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Module 3: Content + SEO

julia mccoy

Primary Instructor

Julia McCoy: Instructor, Course Creator
Content Marketing Expert, CEO at Express Writers, Author

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Julia is the primary instructor for this module.

ryan west

Guest Expert Instructor

Ryan West: Customer Success Manager at SEMrush

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Guest Presenting Lessons 7 & 8: An Overview of Keyword Research & Demo of Discovering Keyword Lists for Two Different Brands

Module 3: Content + SEO

Are you interested in adding “SEO writing” to your skillsets?

This is your one-stop class.


I’ve created content that’s achieved over 11,000 organic keyword positions in Google – you’re learning from a self-trained (and self-titled ;-)) content ninja. I’ve analyzed, tweaked, written, re-written and researched keywords for hours on end to achieve these results. Read more in my study: 1,000 blogs written.

express writers rankings

This is one of my FAVORITE classes to teach.

Learn how to identify the best keywords, discover SEO content opportunities, and create content that ranks well online, with my on-demand video tutorials and demos, inside this module. This is a hands-on, practical class where you not only watch and learn, but get to discover keywords and create SEO content yourself along the way.

Finding keywords to create content for, and knowing how to craft Google-friendly content, will become second nature to you after going through this module.

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Get guidance on how to research for high-opportunity, ROI keywords, for both local business and non-local businesses.

You’ll also learn what to avoid (the don’ts) so you never go through the “common errors” many SEO writing beginners do.

Throughout this module, students physically build an actual keyword report using the recommended tools, with a private Facebook group with personal access to me for any questions during the process.

Guest expert Ryan West, Customer Success Manager at SEMrush, joins Julia for several guest appearances in this class teaching how to use SEMrush to discover great keyword opportunities and formulate an SEO keyword report for businesses in any industry.

Module 3 Curriculum: 13 Lessons (Estimated 2-3 Hours)

  1. Outlining Your Goals for Setting Online Content Success (Brand Strategy Exercise)
  2. Why Organic Search Holds Higher ROI Than Paid & Google’s Quality Standards for Content
  3. The Blueprint to a High-ROI Keyword (Core Keyword Types & Defining the Sweet Spot)
  4. Keyword Research: Biggest Common Problems/Mistakes (The Don’ts)
  5. The Content Strategist's Keyword Toolbox: Favorite Tools & Major Differences
  6. How to Choose a Tool for Both Keyword Research & Position Tracking
  7. Guest Speaker Ryan West Presents: An Overview of Keyword Research in SEMrush
  8. Guest Speaker Ryan West Presents: Live Examples of Pulling Two Brand Keyword Reports
  9. Detailed Keyword Discovery: How to Find Keywords & Define Content Action (Live Demo)
  10. Geo-Targeted Keywords: How Local Keywords Offer Excellent Long Tail Opportunities
  11. How to Check for DA (Domain Authority) & How it Impacts Creating Content
  12. Brand Strategy Part 2: Create a Comprehensive Keyword Report (Exercise)
  13. SEO Optimization Checklist: 8 Steps to Help You Accurately Optimize Your Content