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Module 2: Audience Persona

julia mccoy

Primary Instructor

Julia McCoy: Instructor, Course Creator
Content Marketing Expert, CEO at Express Writers, Author

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Julia is the primary instructor for this module.

Module 2: Audience Persona

Learn how to build a targeted, detailed persona for any audience, map content to the sales cycle, and create Brand Content Style Guidelines.

Go from beginner → expert at discovering who your audience is, and defining brand rules for content creation that caters to them.

With detailed tutorials, you’ll learn how to build a specific persona for both new and existing audiences, and target multiple niche audiences. For existing audiences, learn how to build and conduct content marketing surveys: for new audiences, get the lowdown on advanced tactics that will help you discover a hot, targeted audience.

Use proven templates – included in the lessons – that you can literally copy and paste as you complete the hands-on exercises, and pinpoint your audience’s stages of awareness in the sales cycle and create topics that guide them through the stages.

Lastly, you’ll be able to compile what you’ve created into a Brand Content Style Guidelines (brandbook) that defines and clarifies a cohesive brand content rules and can be used to keep content teams on track.

At the end of this course, you’ll know your audience like you know a family member.

Tools:  This class includes a basic overview and training for email marketing software: ConvertKit, Mailchimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, & SendinBlue. You’ll also learn how to use Google Surveys and Facebook Audience Insights.

Module 2 Curriculum: 10 Lessons (Estimated 1.5 Hours + add a day for survey response time)

  1. Personas that are Actually Worth Creating? 4 Keys to Keep in Mind
  2. Where Creating Great Content Begins: Your Audience & an ROI Perspective
  3. Module 2 Bonus Resource: Best Email Marketing Tools
  4. A Beginner's Guide to Mapping out a Content Audience Persona: New Audiences
  5. New Audience Persona Bonus: Using Facebook Insights as A Low-Budget, Accurate Alternative
  6. A Beginner's Guide to Mapping out a Content Audience Persona: Existing Audiences
  7. A Little Social Media Stalking Goes a Long Way: How to Discover Your Persona's Interests (Demo)
  8. How to Map Your Buyer Persona to Lifecycle Stages to Create Sales Awareness Content
  9. How to Discover Sales Awareness Questions: Key Questions to Ask Your Persona [New Audience]
  10. BSE: Content Guidelines & Persona Creation (Create a Brand Content Style Guidebook)