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Module 1: Strategy Fundamentals

julia mccoy

Primary Instructor

Julia McCoy: Instructor, Course Creator
Content Marketing Expert, CEO at Express Writers, Author

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Julia is the primary instructor for this module.

michele linn

Guest Expert Instructor

Michele Linn: VP of Content at CMI

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Guest Presenting Lesson 16: How CMI Was Built Through Content & Practical Content Marketing Strategy Tips

Module 1: Strategy Fundamentals

In this class, you’ll learn the foundations of content strategy, and get started with thorough a roadmap to content mastery. You’ll learn how to set up goals and client expectations, what a great content team looks like, get familiar with terminology, know how to set up important milestones for content success (to avoid failure), and see examples of high-ROI content in action.

A foundation for great content starts when a brand has something worth saying. Learn how to verify that a brand’s position online is the best it can be, down to the slogan on the homepage and the next topic for the blog, by discovering that brand’s standout CDF. You’ll also get to participate in a Brand Strategy Exercise by learning how to build, and then actually building your own Content Differentiation Factor (CDF).

Guest expert Michele Linn, VP of Content at CMI, also joins instructor Julia McCoy in this class to present a session, where she shares the background story of how Content Marketing Institute was built through content, and practical content marketing strategy tips for any beginner to understand and apply.

Module 1 Curriculum: 16 Lessons (Estimated 1 Hour)

  1. Introducing An ROI-Driven Content Strategy Teaching & the Skills You’re About to Learn
  2. Setting Your Personal and Professional Goals
  3. Content Strategy vs. Content Marketing: The Big Picture
  4. Why Does Content Fail? Protecting Against Content Catastrophe with the 4 Keys
  5. The Reality & Budget of Many Businesses When It Comes to Content Creation
  6. Where Content Marketing is Headed: Inspiration
  7. The Story Behind Instructor Julia McCoy: From Freelancer to Content Agency Owner (Video Story)
  8. Content Strategy vs. Everything Else
  9. How Planning & Executing Great Content Is a Multi-Person, Expert Job (Content Team Structure)
  10. Your Content Expertise: Defining Your Topic Area for an Authoritative, High-ROI Online Presence
  11. Tying Your Content Expertise to Your Content Differentiation Factor (CDF) [BSE]
  12. Your Content Creation: 3 Goals for Repeated Content Success
  13. Setting A High-ROI “Net” of Content Marketing: Tracking vs. Reality
  14. An Example of ROI Content: Highly SEO Ranked Content
  15. An Example of ROI Content: Brand Awareness and Customer Engagement Content
  16. Guest Speaker Michele Linn: How CMI Was Built Through Content & Practical Strategy Tips