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Sujan Patel

sujan patel

Sujan Patel

Growth Marketer, Co-Founder of WebProfits, Entrepreneur, Author, Startup Founder, Digital Marketing Expert

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Module 6: Publishing & Promotion

16 Lessons / 7 Hours
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he ‘real-world,’ ROI-focus of Julia’s new course is a reason I’m excited to contribute, and add my process and knowledge of content promotion skills and tactics. The most common reason why content fails is because of lack of traction or traffic. Now, with Julia’s course, you get to learn my tactics so you never have this problem.

A passionate problem solver by nature and no stranger to 12-hour work days, Sujan Patel is one of digital marketing’s most distinguished influencers. In his 13 years of internet marketing experience, he co-founded the growth marketing agency WebProfits, partnered in the creation of several software companies (, Narrow, Quu, and Mailshake to name a few), and led the marketing strategy for such Fortune 500 companies as Salesforce, Mint, Intuit, and a host of other industry notables.

He’s also an exceptionally prolific blogger and in a typical week, Sujan contributes at least six posts to publications like the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Sujan will be sharing his invaluable knowledge of content marketing in his presentation Content Promotion Strategies, a detailed look at what it takes to market your quality content effectively.

Even from a young age Sujan has always been driven by an entrepreneurial passion. During high school, he sold mixed tapes and CDs to fellow classmates and carried over that same business knowhow into his time at the University of California. It was then that Sujan built the foundation of his internet marketing and SEO skills by starting his very own ecommerce business specializing in car parts.

Risk taking has always been a big part of Sujan’s life and when he decided to drop out of college to pursue his own business goals, he was certainly taking the path less travelled. But the decision paid off, and within just a few years he went from college dropout to the lucrative Head of SEO at

In 2009 Sujan left to start his own digital marketing agency, Single Grain. The company finished out its first year with stellar revenue, high profit margins, and even expanded its workforce during the time – an amazing start. Within 5 years, Sujan and his co-founder AJ Kumar turned Single Grain into a multimillion dollar company, earning over $3 million in 2013.

After creating an incredibly successful company from scratch through hard work and business savvy alone, Sujan was burnt out. The desire to grow and make even more money was enough of a drive before, but Sujan started to want something more. That’s when he decided to sell his agency and focus on mentoring others instead of just pursuing the almighty dollar.

Since shifting his focus, Sujan has helped an incredible number of entrepreneurs (178 in fact!) grow their businesses with individualized marketing advice. He’s also written a worldwide-selling book (more than 35,000 copies!) on continued growth called Growth Hacking, 100 Days of Growth. Always one to push the limit and undoubtedly one of the industry’s top experts, there are few people more qualified to teach you just how to promote your content efficiently and effectively.