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Steve Rayson

steve rayson

Steve Rayson

Co-Founder, BuzzSumo

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Module 5: Content Creation Tactics

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s one of the co-founders of the indispensable content marketing tool BuzzSumo, Steve Rayson has clearly established himself as a thought leader in all things content-related. He’s an entrepreneur, an investor, and has strengthened, managed, and sold a variety of businesses in his long and impressive career.

Steve will be using his experience and finely-tuned knowledge of the industry to relay words of wisdom in An Intro to Great Headline and Topic Discovery, two valuable educational topics for any content creator or marketer.

With a career stemming from consulting, Steve continued on to work as Director of Resources for the Brighton & Hove City Council and later as Director for the e-learning company, Epic Performance Improvement Limited.

Guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, Steve eventually co-founded another e-learning solutions company in 2005 called Kineo. During his time at this global workplace learning company, Steve served as Managing Director for almost a decade.

After moving on from Kineo, Steve then began working as Director of Anders Pink, a London-based content curation service that helps to deliver content on a wide variety of topics to users. It offers fresh content daily and an easy-to-use interface to make content consumption both simple and accessible.

In February of 2014, Steve co-founded BuzzSumo, a social analytics tool that was designed to pinpoint the most shared content for any topic and help content marketers identify key influencers in the field.

Steve’s experience in the content marketing industry as well as his unique perspective as a true influencer in the field make him the perfect choice for anyone looking for sources of valuable info on topic and headline discovery.