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Ryan West

ryan west

Ryan West

SEMrush, Customer Success Team Lead

Guest Presenting In

Module 3: Content + SEO

13 Lessons / 6 Hours
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Module 6: Publishing & Promotion

16 Lessons / 7 Hours
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o course on the values and intricacies of content strategy would be complete without the guidance of the industry leaders of all things keyword-related, SEMrush. And Customer Success Team Lead Ryan West is the perfect person to talk to in this regard. His role in guiding the success of SEMrush’s customer success efforts puts him in the position to deliver unique and priceless advice on how to use this essential content strategy tool.

Given Ryan’s insider knowledge of all that SEMrush has to offer, he’ll be contributing to a few lessons inside the course, spread throughout several classes: an overview of how to find a great keyword, live tutorials of how to pull keywords for different brands with different goals, and how to track your rankings and set up competitor research in SEMrush.

Ryan started his career in search engine optimization as an SEO Specialist at Pipeline Interactive, a website design company based in Lebanon, PA that specializes in providing marketing and development services to clients in both the B2B as well as B2C sectors. There, Ryan created SEO plans with a variety of e-commerce clients, generated keyword reports, and helped populate their websites with valuable content.

He then set his sights on co-founding a usability testing company called Absolute Usability. It offered expert-level testing as well as a range of user testing.

Ryan then began in the role of Customer Success Specialist at SEMrush where he learned the ins and outs of this powerful content marketing tool. His history of SEO specialty and keyword discovery and research primed him for success and he was soon promoted to Customer Success Team Lead where he established himself as the go-to for all things SEO.