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Dan Levy

Dan Levy

Dan Levy

Content Director at Unbounce
Writer, Editor

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nce described as “one of those rare people who is both a dreamer and a doer,” Content Director of Unbounce Dan Levy has a rich history filled with media think tanks, global marketing agencies, and fast-growing tech startups. With his roots firmly planted in his formal journalism training, Dan is the perfect person to talk shop about the intricacies of profitable blogging.

Dan will be sharing his industry expertise during his guest appearance in The Cost & Return of 10x Blogging, a comprehensive overview of how to turn your everyday blogging efforts into real-life profit – with a personal story of how Unbounce made ROI happen in the early days from blogging.

Beginning his foray into the world of writing in college, Dan earned his M.S. from Boston University in Journalism where he privately tutored students in brainstorming, writing, and editing a variety of stories and essays. He was also instrumental in several undergraduate writing workshops as well.

After college, Dan worked as a correspondent for the New London Day paper and blogger for Masc Magazine before moving on to Spafax, an international content marketing agency. There, he founded Sparksheet, the company’s industry award-winning multiplatform media and marketing magazine and incubator.

Dan then moved into the role of content strategist at Unbounce, a Montreal-based landing page and conversion marketing platform that’s been helping marketers quickly launch and test high-quality landing pages and website overlays. During his time in the role, Dan oversaw Unbounce’s content marketing channels as well as the team of employees that operated them.

He was later promoted to Content Director, his current position at Unbounce, where he is responsible for the long-term growth and expansion of Unbounce’s content platforms which include a highly influential marketing blog, podcast, and resources library.