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Content Strategy & Marketing 101

Hey! I’m Julia McCoy, the creator behind this course, and I know just what the common frustrations are in content strategy and marketing. Yet, all I see that’s a topic of conversation in the industry is the non-practical side – “terms,” “legalese,” etc.

Here’s the thing: I learned my skills through the hard-knocks path. Through a hard-earned paycheck, from the clients I earned through learning content trends and working hard. And it’s a good thing I dropped the mumbo-jumbo and went down this road. I don’t think I’d have hit a $650,000 year in my agency otherwise.

I want to teach you the practical side of this amazing industry, so you can succeed beyond your wildest dreams, too. Let me show you the practical side of content strategy and marketing – through one keyword discovery, and one target audience member find, at a time. Get a taste of my industry-leading all-access certification course right here, in my mini 5-day free course.  

– Julia

What's in this free course?

This free course covers 8 mini lessons broken up into 5 days, with short lessons that range from 2 – 20 minutes each. You’ll even have a few worksheets attached to the lessons, with actionable exercises.

Get immediate access to all lessons within Content Strategy & Marketing 101 when you enroll at no cost:

* Find out EXACTLY how to SEO-optimize your content using the same tactics I used to get in the top 3 of google in a matter of months.

* Learn how to stay ON TOP of the industry and sharpen your skillsets with just a small time investment weekly.

* Discover exactly how content strategy fits into your content marketing.

* Find out how to set content marketing ROI goals and convince your clients on the investment.

* Learn inside tactics that I use to turn old, icky content into brand new SALES.

* On Day 5, listen to two guest experts share tactics on keyword discovery and blogging.



Lead Instructor

Julia McCoy

Content Marketing Institute

Michele Linn


Ryan West


Dan Levy

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